(101 Introduction To Social Analytics+ 201 Boolean Mastery+301 Data Analysis And Insights Generation)

1600% Completed

301.6 Data Analysis and Insights Generation – Assignment

Problem Statement: You are an analyst who just completed the Social Analytics Masterclass and is looking to put the skills you’ve learned into practice. Based on your business needs, please select a topic of interest that you would like to research and complete your assignment based on this requirement. For instance, if you are a marketer looking to compare campaign performance on social media, you can try picking a well-known campaign as a simulation for research that you will be conducting on the job.


The objective of this last assignment is for us to test if you fully understand all the concepts and techniques that we have covered throughout the course. Please use this opportunity to delve into any topics that may be useful for your business, but do keep in mind that as the current setup is based on an existing dataset on Radarr you might not have access to the data that matches your functions exactly.


The final output should include:

  1. Objective – What is your problem statement and what are you trying to achieve with this research?
  2. Research Design – Which of the 5 research designs will you be applying for this assignment?
  3. Boolean Configuration – In addition to following the naming conventions on Radarr Admin Panel, please include the Booleans for your topic in a slide.
  4. Data Optimization – What are the types of conversation that you have excluded, if any, from the initial dataset? Please include the exclusion Booleans too.
  5. Data Analysis
    1. Research outline
    2. At least 3 types of analysis that will help fulfill your initial objectives. For each of the analyses, you are strongly advised to include in writing any insights gathered and your rationale for any industry/local understanding applied.
    3. Recommendations – What are the possible actions from the findings?


Please send your completed slides in PDF format to academy@radarr.com by 30th April 2020.