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201.4 Assignment

Problem Statement

You are working for a beauty company that is looking to launch a new facial cleanser within Malaysia. Before the launch, you will want to understand more about the consumer preference around facial cleansers.

Task 1

Fill out the “Framework” sheet with the keywords that you think will be relevant to the topic to be tracked. Refer to the second sheet on this file. The first sheet shows an example of how this is done for the “Valentine’s Day” topic.

Download the file, fill out the second sheet, and send your completed form to this email address: academy@radarr.com

Note: not all cells need to be filled out, fill out only those that you think are relevant to this situation

Task 2

Create the topic in Radarr. Label it this way: 

Topic: Facial Cleanser

Subtopic: Facial Cleanser – KO (where KO are your initials)