101 – Introduction To Social Analytics

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101.0 Introduction to the Course

Course Overview | 101 – Introduction To Social Analytics

This course will help you build the basic foundations for later deep-diving into the depths of social listening and analytics.

This introductory course is for anyone who is looking to get a solid foundation in social listening and how it’s shaping businesses of today. In addition to getting skilled on navigating the features and capabilities of a social listening tool, the course will also share insights on what entails in the life of a social analyst – all the way from objective setting to insights generation.

You will be provided with a Certificate of Participation at the end of this course.

101.0 Ground Rules and Credentials

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Next Intake: Cohort 3

  • Full course content including videos, assignments and course feedback will be available from 28 June 2021, 2PM SGT onwards
  • Students subscribing to other courses (i.e. 201, 301) are required to complete an assessment based on this introductory course before starting the course session