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I have learned relevant information and new skills that would be very useful in my current practice and future endeavors. The experience was also very relieving – now I can rest with the thought that private messages remain private :), at least with terms of companies such as Radarr
Sunshine Mandac
Overall, I enjoyed the session and was able to leave with a better understanding of social analytics and social listening.
Raaveniya Poovainthan | Social Media Executive | Industria
For Discovery Networks, an organization with many regional branches, it was important that we learnt to identify talking points specific to Southeast Asia out of all the global chatter. The team at Radarr taught us how to do just that, with a tailored course that covered everything from content curation on Radarr, to structuring of topics and sub-topics, to crafting Boolean search terms to obtain the most relevant results. Rather than being a massive info-dump, the training included quizzes inserted at intervals to make sure we were still following the session. The trainers were more than happy to revisit any items that needed clarifying.
Joshua Ng | Community Developer, Marketing | Discovery Network
Radarr has taught us how to navigate through the Radarr platform for our social media requirements through a training course which is well-presented and easy to follow. We learned how to create Booleans for searching terms & alert set-up to capture relevant information. Practical exercises and tutorials made the sessions engaging especially in understanding topics and keywords for mention searches. Trainers were very supportive and more than willing to clarify items when needed.
Lani Liwag | Senior Leader | Automotive Industry Client